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Camp Activities

We provide every activity under the sun... and night sky! Plan a safe and unforgettable experience in the great outdoors.

YMCA Camping offers over 30 activites on land, in the water and up in the air! Most of our thrilling activities are led by our experienced staff - making camp simple and easy for visiting schools and groups.

Browse our selection of activities below and build your own camp based on your desired camp outcomes, or choose one of our popular camps with all activities planned out for you.

Planning an overnight camp? Choose any four activities for the daytime, and have the option to add on one night activity.

Planning a 2-night, 3-day camp? Choose any eight activities for the daytime, and have the option to add on two night activities.

Or find out more about our pre-built camps!

Rope Activities

  • Giant Swing
    An exhilarating high rope activity where participants are hoisted into the air by team members, then swing through the air.

    Great team-building experience.

  • Indoor Climbing Wall
    Campers challenge themselves to reach the top of the climb, secured by a safety harness.

    An excellent self esteem and character-building activity.

  • Possum Glider
    A high rope activity where participants are raised high into the air by the other members of their group.

    Perfect for team-building.

  • Low Ropes
    An exciting course for all ages with varying degrees of difficulty.
    Great for trust, communication and teamwork.
  • Abseiling (Year 7+)
    Climb up a 10m ladder to the top of Bundalong Recreation Centre then abseil down.
    An excellent self-esteem and character building activity.
  • Indoor High Ropes
    A high ropes challenge course where participants get to maneuver through exciting pathways up in the air.

    A unique self-esteem, resilience and character-building activity.

  • Crate Climb
    A high ropes activity where teams build the highest milk crate stack (and climb it) in the time given.

    A fun-filled communication and team-building activity.

  • Apparatus Climb
    Climb an obstacle, such as the rope ladder or single rope, while safely held by climbing harness.

    A defining confidence, resilience and teamwork activity.

  • Bluegum Challenge
    Climb a gum tree!

    Climb a gum tree using a ladder and fixed metal climbing staples.

  • Bouldering
    Challenging rock climbing without a harness.

    Climbers are protected by spotters and an impact absorbing flooring system.

  • Vertical Play Pen
    Suspended Obstacles

    Climb up different suspended obstacles while safely held by climbing harness.

Water Activities

  • Canoeing
    Canoe in small teams on the beautiful North Pine River. The activity is structured to suit the age and capabilities of the participants.
    A very popular activity for all ages.
  • Raft Building
    Groups are given basic materials and have to construct their own raft and test it on the river.

    Great for developing teamwork, leadership and problem solving skills.

  • Water-based Trust and Initiative Activities
    Choose from a range of exciting trust games including uncork it, log roller, punctured drum and human ladder.

    These games improve teamwork, trust and communication.

  • Swimming Pool Activities
    Activities such as volleyball and relays or free time for fun and relaxation

    Great for peer bonding, teamwork and relaxation.

  • Tyre Tubing
    Cruise down the river on a tyre tube and have the option to learn about the river environment.

    An excellent self-esteem and character-building activity.

  • Pool Inflatable Obstacle Course
    Get wet and have some fun on our giant pool inflatable obstacle course

    A fun filled water activity.

  • Stand-Up Paddle Boarding
    A water sports activity in which a rider stands up on a large board and uses a paddle to move through the water.

    An fun-filled confidence and communication-building activity.

Land Activities

  • Archery
    Learn how to safely use a bow in a wide-open field, aiming to get arrows on a target.
  • Catapult Challenge
    In teams, build your own catapult to shoot items at targets.

    Develops problem solving, resilience and teamwork.

  • Cottage Garden Program
    Inspired by popular kitchen garden programs - learn about our waste management and minimisation programs, composting, worm farms and easy gardening tips. Participants get to pick produce from the garden then make and eat a wood-fired mini pizza.

    Involves key environmental learning outcomes.

  • Land-based Trust and Initiative Activities
    Choose from a range of exciting trust games including TP shuffle, spider web, and human ladder.

    These games improve teamwork, trust and communication.

  • Bush Survival Skills
    Learn how to avoid becoming lost in the wilderness, acquire skills and attitudes of surviving if lost, and how to get rescuers to find you quickly.

    Learn important life skills and resilience mindsets.

  • Guided Environmental Walk
    Discover the special wildlife, wonderful views and secrets of nature on a fascinating outdoor walk around the camp.

    Key wildlife and environmental learning outcomes.

  • Campfire Cooking
    Learn fire safety, how to build a fire and cook some yummy damper to enjoy.
  • Obstacle Course
    Test your limits on a series of obstacles to test you physically and mentally.

    A great teamwork activity that helps participants discover their strengths.

  • Nuclear Meltdown
    Develops teamwork, communication & problem solving.

    Can you stop the meltdown? A problem solving team challenge with a twist!

Other Outdoor Activities (led by teachers)

  • Playing Field
    An open space for your sporting games.
  • Court Activities
    Courts available for netball, basketball, volleyball and beach volleyball.
  • Map Reading/ Orienteering
    A number of map reading courses are available with varying levels of difficulty.

Offsite Activities (at Old Petrie Town - 20-minute walk)

  • Multicultural Centre - Indigenous Cultural Experience
    Renowned artist Terry Saleh offers a variety of cultural experiences including dance and storytelling; boomerang making, painting and throwing; didgeridoo workshops; and bush medicine lessons.
  • Heritage Museum
    Explore the district’s historic character through the permanent and rotating displays covering a range of local themes.
  • Pottery Barn
    See how clay pots are made and make your own masterpiece.
  • Craft Inspirations
    Try scrapbooking - make your own cards using special design scissors and punches under the guidance of our crafty experts.
  • Steam Museum
    Learn about steam engines, what these machines looked like and how they operated in days gone by.
  • Blacksmith
    Learn how to create objects from wrought iron or steel by forging the metal and using tools to hammer, bend and cut.

Need help to build your own camp program?

YMCA camping experts are here to support you. Simply send us an equiry with all the details and we will get back to you soon.

You may also want to visit our pre-built camps for inspiration.