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Make A Booking

Booking a camp is as easy as counting to 6! Here's the process for booking a camp from start to finish and what to expect in the leadup to your trip.

1. Contact YMCA Camping

If you have any questions about making a booking, you can contact us anytime via this form, call (07) 3882 1436 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.for more information.

2. Complete Booking Enquiry Form

Download our Booking Enquiry Form here, complete all the relevant details and desired camp outcomes and we will send you an itemised quote.

3. Pay a Deposit

If you wish to proceed with your booking simply pay the camp deposit amount within 28 days to secure your camp dates. Upon receipt of a deposit we will make contact to start working on your Camp Program.

4. Confirm Camp Logistics

10 weeks prior to your camp we will make contact to confirm all camp logistics including activity selections and timings, and confirm what camp facilities you require (ie sports hall, audio/ visual equipment, etc.).

5. Pre-camp Confirmation

4 weeks prior to your camp we will make contact to confirm the number of camp participants (including supervising adults); confirm arrival, departure and meal times; and seek forms with relevant medical or dietary information.

6. Attend Camp

Enjoy your camp experience. Push your limits, learn more about yourself and others. Have fun!