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Frequently Asked Questions


  • Who can book a camp?

    School groups, community groups, sporting groups, church groups, corporate groups and large family groups can experience the magic of YMCA Camping. We welcome all bookings over 30 people.

  • Is YMCA Camp Warrawee open to the general public?

    We take bookings from the general public for groups over 30 people. Our site is perfect for family reunions and camping hobby groups.

  • What perks for teaching staff are there?

    While camp is about leaving behind your regular life and immersing yourself in tranquil outdoor bushland, we still believe teachers deserve a few home comforts. Take full advantage of our new coffee machine that makes rich, freshly ground cups of coffee to kickstart your action-packed day.

    Our staff accommodation is also renowned for being comfortable and clean – nestled in beautiful bushland.

  • What’s the minimum and maximum number of campers allowed?

    Groups of over 30 people can book a camp or accommodation (if less please contact us as we may be able to host your group if another group is onsite). We can host a maximum of 228 people at a time.

  • How far in advance do I need to book?

    We encourage you to book as early as possilble. However, we do cater for last minute bookings as best we can.

  • What is the deposit required?

    We charge a deposit between $500-$2000 depending on the size of the group, due within 28 days of the quote being issued, to confirm a camp booking.


  • Is the camp accessible by bus or 2-wheel drive?

    Both Camp Warrawee and Camp North Pine are bus accessible and 2-wheel drive accessible.


  • Can I customise the camp program?

    Absolutely! You can make adjustments to one of our pre-built camps, or design your own from scratch.

  • Is there a campfire?

    We allow use of our fire pits unless there is a local fire ban in place.

  • Do you need a lifeguard for the pool?

    Groups need to have their own pool supervisor with CPR and First Aid training (or we can provide someone at an additional cost).


  • What’s the accommodation like?

    Throw out your conceptions of what you think camp accommodation is like – our range of cabins contain modern bed frames and clean, comfortable and thick mattresses. Children LOVE our unique A-Frame cabins, likening them to futuristic UFO tents. The views from some of the cabins also rival your typical luxury eco-retreats. Click here to read more about the accommodation options.

  • Will we see lots of wildlife?

    Camp Warrawee is visited by and is home to many special animals, including swamp wallabies, koalas, echidnas, possums and dozens of bird species such as hawks, gos hawks, osprays, kites and our resident sea eagle with a large nest. We are also a rescue site for koalas.

  • What food will be served?

    Camp Warrawee has a large professional kitchen to serve up fresh meals daily. We serve hot meals at night such as roast, pasta bake, BBQ and many more dishes. Special mention must be given to our highly raved-out sponge cakes.

    We can cater to dietary requirements including vegetarian, vegan, gluten free and Halal.

  • How much supervision of school students is required from teaching staff?

    Our qualified staff run the majority of activities – and all activities in our pre-built camps. We do require a group's staff member or adult supervisor to be supervising students during YMCA-led activities.

  • Are staff qualified?

    YMCA Camping staff are fully qualified professionals and experts on outdoor education. All staff hold the Australian Activities Standard qualification for all revelant activities. They are also blue card accredited, first aid & CPR trained, and are Safeguarding Children & Young People Policy trained.

Need help to build your own camp program?

YMCA camping experts are here to support you. Simply send us an equiry with all the details and we will get back to you soon.

You may also want to visit our pre-built camps for inspirations.