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Our Camps

Get outdoors and get ready to make memories for life!

YMCA Camping has a number of adventure camps that are created specifically for primary schools, high schools, and community groups. Want to design your own camp? Find out about our bespoke camp options.

Survival Camp

Over three action-packed days in native Queensland bushland, students form 'tribes' and work together to complete a series of survival-themed challenges.

  • Age: Grade 4 to Grade 11

Expedition Camp

Hike and canoe your way to a campsite in bushland and spend the night under the stars.

  • Age: Grade 6 to Grade 12

Old Petrie Town Camp

By day, explore a pre-1930s town and undertake unique historic activities like blacksmithing and pottery. By night, enjoy the magic of camp.

  • Age: Grade 2 to Grade 6

Build Your Own Camp

At YMCA Camping, we can create a camping experience tailored to your needs. We tailor pricing based on your requirements and budget.